Conference Insight: Converting Risk into Opportunity

This conference insight brings in inputs on how can we convert risk and slowdowns into an opportunity based on couple of conferences held during June-July 2020 in India. Stimulating MSMEs, How MSMEs can gain Competitive Advantage, Converting Downturn into Opportunity, […]

Research Insight: A Failed Research on Entrepreneurial Intention

This time I thought, I should share some of my lessons learned from one of my recent research survey (2020) on Entrepreneurial Intention of Undergraduate Business Administration Students; Lessons learned are interesting; It explains the care we need to take […]

Experiential Insight: on Teaching and Training

This insight is based on my own experience of teaching and training several learners in industry including engineers, scientists, business managers, post graduate/undergraduate business administration/technology students. Teaching is the oldest profession known in Ancient India; it is there from Maha […]

Conference Insight: 21st Century Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are engines of any economy. Things have changed a lot across the world over 100 years. For example, the changes in transportation sector from bullock carts, horse carts to aero planes, helicopters, and drones; changes in music industry from: […]

Speech Insight: Leadership Qualities from Sports, Business and Space Science Projects

In this speech insight, I have selectively collected micro videos (Duration: 2 to 5 minutes) from Internet and drawn useful insights on Qualities and Traits of a Successful Leader; how a leader qualities and behaviors should be, when they are […]

Research Insight: on “Conflict Management” (a video)

This time I thought, I would present a research insight in a video form. The present research insight exhibits my research findings on “Conflict Management”; Abstract: Modern Organizations are considering conflicts as opportunities to increase their organizational performance. The presentation includes my research […]