Research Insight: Top-5 Factors Contributing to Indian States GDP ——- Dr. Goparaju Purna Sudhakar

Macro-economic factors such as Literacy Rate, Population, Poverty Rate, Unemployment Rate, Capital Invested, Length of State Highways, etc impact any country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). When I was going through portal variables such as Literacy Rate and State GDP […]

Experiential Insight: on Online Teaching

The pandemic and the lockdowns have given new dimensions to teaching profession across the world. The advent of technology made possible the scenario of teacher sitting remotely and students distributed across geographic locations; sometimes even across the world. The online […]

Conference Insight: Converting Risk into Opportunity

This conference insight brings in inputs on how can we convert risk and slowdowns into an opportunity based on couple of conferences held during June-July 2020 in India. Stimulating MSMEs, How MSMEs can gain Competitive Advantage, Converting Downturn into Opportunity, […]

Research Insight: A Failed Research on Entrepreneurial Intention

This time I thought, I should share some of my lessons learned from one of my recent research survey (2020) on Entrepreneurial Intention of Undergraduate Business Administration Students; Lessons learned are interesting; It explains the care we need to take […]

Experiential Insight: on Teaching and Training

This insight is based on my own experience of teaching and training several learners in industry including engineers, scientists, business managers, post graduate/undergraduate business administration/technology students. Teaching is the oldest profession known in Ancient India; it is there from Maha […]

Conference Insight: 21st Century Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are engines of any economy. Things have changed a lot across the world over 100 years. For example, the changes in transportation sector from bullock carts, horse carts to aero planes, helicopters, and drones; changes in music industry from: […]

Speech Insight: Leadership Qualities from Sports, Business and Space Science Projects

In this speech insight, I have selectively collected micro videos (Duration: 2 to 5 minutes) from Internet and drawn useful insights on Qualities and Traits of a Successful Leader; how a leader qualities and behaviors should be, when they are […]