Conference Insight: Managing Water Resources

Water resources play major role in the world. The water is the root for the development of culture, civilization, cultivation, religion, living and farming. Managing water resources across the world involved several different approaches, methods, issues, solutions, and even sometimes […]

Industry Insight: Basis for Stock Selection/Rejection …… Dr.Goparaju Purna Sudhakar

As retail investor and institutional investor many will be thinking how to select specific company stock/shares for purchase. What is the ideal criteria for stock selection? Among hundreds of listed companies, what factors can be considered for specific company stock […]

Research Insight: Critical Success Factors for Offshore Software Development Projects –— Dr.Goparaju Purna Sudhakar

I did a research study on Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for offshore software development projects based on literature review, secondary research and reference count techniques of various factors. The collected literature is from scholarly journals/conferences such as Project Management Journal, […]

Conference Insight: “Economics and Industry 4.0” — Dr.Goparaju Purna Sudhakar

India became 3rd largest economy in the world with respect to PPP (Purchasing Power Parity). The following are the Insights from a Conference held at ISB, Hyderabad on Deccan Dialogue related to Economics, Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0. Industry 4.0: […]

Industry Insight: BSE Sensex: A 40 Year Journey … Dr.Goparaju Purna Sudhakar

This industry Insight depicts 40 year journey of BSE Sensex comprising of various important happenings. Origins of BSE Sensex: BSE Sensex (Bombay Stock Exchange – Sensitive Index), a real time indicator of Bombay stock exchange was officially launched on April […]

Conference Insight: Indian Economy, Industry and Governance –Dr.Goparaju Purna Sudhakar

Now let’s have a brief overview of Indian Economy and Industry. India has seen 7.2% GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth rate during FY2019. By FY2021, India is going to see GDP growth rate of 7.5%. India is ranked as 77 […]

Industry Insight: On Hiring CEOs, P2P Lending and a Traditional Industry………… Dr.Goparaju Purna Sudhakar

Let’s see some of the developments in the Indian Industries with respect to economic and productivity point of view. For any economy in the world, the macroeconomic indicators include Index of Industrial Production, Consumer Price Inflation Rate, and Export-Import data. […]