Research Insight: Relationship Between Powers of an Individual @Office and @Home

I thought I should make some innovation; that made me to develop an infographic title “Research Insight: Relationship Between Powers of an Individual @Office and @Home” based on a Primary Research I have Conducted recently (basically a minor research study). […]

Speech Insight: On Welfare Economics: Lessons from Nobel Works

Over a period of time Economics Nobel Laurates studied and researched in many areas including Macro Economics, Consumption, Economic Policy Making, Micro Financing, Global Equity Markets, Market Capitalization, Wealth Building, Poverty, Developmental Economics, Welfare Economics, Political Economics, Human Development, and […]

Conference Insight: Dealing with Project Stakeholders

A Project in any industry effects several stakeholders such as Customers, Vendors, Team Members, Project Manager, Senior Management, Banks/Financial Institutions, Government and Regulatory bodies. These stakeholders have power, influence, and authority; and can effect positively or negatively the project outcome. […]

Industry Insight: Industrial and Management Developments for Economic Growth

This specific industry insight highlights the recent developments in the world and particularly Indian industrial development; and how they are going to help Indian economy in reaching its target. Several industrial developments, innovative practices, and approaches followed during 2020-22 have […]

Research Insight: Top-3 Factors Contributing to Team Performance

This time, I will present important insights from a primary research study/survey I conducted in 2021. Research Question: In this specific research study, I started with a research question; which I asked the respondents is, “In Your Opinion, among the […]

Experiential Insight: on Carrying out Primary Research

In the research community across the world, several research methodologies, research models, survey methods, sampling methods, and different data collection methods are being used in different areas of management and social sciences research. There are certain best practices in carrying […]

Conference Insight: Digital Transformation for Competitive Advantage

In the current scenario, we have seen the power of digital and what are all possible with it thoroughly since early 2020. Several organizations across the world could use the digital in business continuity and could revert risk into opportunity. […]