Conference Insight: Digital Transformation for Competitive Advantage

In the current scenario, we have seen the power of digital and what are all possible with it thoroughly since early 2020. Several organizations across the world could use the digital in business continuity and could revert risk into opportunity. […]

Industry Insight: Retail Industry Learnings and Innovations

The retail industry across the world has come back to positive outlook since the situation recovers in 2021. Several retailers did create new shelf spaces and made innovations for consumers convenience, reachability and handholding the products. With respect to revenue […]

Research Insight: on Project Manager and Conflict Resolution

Usually in project teams, team cohesion leads to team communication. Team communication leads to different types of conflicts such as Task Conflict, Relationship Conflict, and Process Conflict. Usually, Task conflict is good for project performance; relationship conflict hampers project performance; […]

Experiential Insight: on Reviewing Management Leaning Aids

Dr.Goparaju Purna Sudhakar ( In Management education, Training, and Executive Development learning aids such as Conceptual Papers/Review Papers, Empirical Papers, Case Studies, Books and Videos play major role in imparting learning. Usually both management researchers/professors and practitioners at some point […]

Conference Insight: Running Businesses during Tough Times

Till now, I reported conference insights from mostly conferences conducted by Indian organizations. This time, I made an experiment. “Being Local… I went Global…”. This conference insight is based on an online international conference conducted by CEEMAN (Slovenia), which I […]

Industry Insight: on Global Automobile Industry and Mobility

Goparaju Purna Sudhakar, PhD, PMP The $3 trillion global automobile industry is making lot of innovations with respect to electric vehicles, battery technologies, automobile semiconductor chips for autonomous driving and driver support services, and embedded cellular technologies into automobile […]

Research Insight: Top-5 Factors Contributing to Indian States GDP ——- Dr. Goparaju Purna Sudhakar

Macro-economic factors such as Literacy Rate, Population, Poverty Rate, Unemployment Rate, Capital Invested, Length of State Highways, etc impact any country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). When I was going through portal variables such as Literacy Rate and State GDP […]

Experiential Insight: on Online Teaching

The pandemic and the lockdowns have given new dimensions to teaching profession across the world. The advent of technology made possible the scenario of teacher sitting remotely and students distributed across geographic locations; sometimes even across the world. The online […]